Sunday, February 21, 2010

Q: What do you call a theory that is equally compatible with any data set?

Unscientific is the polite answer.

Time Magazine Then (June 17, 2009):
'Warming will make skiing, ice-skating and snowmobiling pastimes of the past in many areas of the Northeast, decimating the multibillion-dollarwinter-sports industry.'

Time Magazine Now (Feb 10, 2010):
'Climate change could in fact make such massive snowstorms more common, even as the world continues to warm.'

National Geographic has an equally short memory.

National Geographic Then (2009):
'Droughts will become more common'

National Geographic Now (Feb. 2010):
'Scientists say global warming is the main culprit behind this month's eastern-U.S. snowstorms—and it could cause more heavy snowfalls in future winters.'

Not credible on any topic (other than pretty pictures)

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