Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Google Side Bar

In response to a few querries here's a screenshot of my desktop. I have been trying to keep it cleaner that i used to and Vista's launcher and integrated search make it pretty easy. The SimpleDrive is the external device which has all my reasearch and media files. Maxtor Manager is the tool i use to backup the external drive onto another external drive. On the right is my google sidebar which has the standard weather and gcalendar gadgets as well as the Google Desktop email Gadget and todo gadgets. Below that is gdTunes which controls iTunes (or winamp) and a wikipedia search window. I find the email gadget to be particularly useful. Not only can you expand it to view any particular email, but I use it to keep an ever present list of all the emails which still require a response.

UPDATE: Apparently there is a need to know what's going on with my Icon tray as well. Here is a closeup.

From left to right the icons are: Divx, Itunes, Last FM, Itunes again (I think that sometimes this happens when the Ipod is plugged in?), Safely Remove Hardware, Dell Support Center, Logmein (Best VNC ever!), SigmaTel Volume Panel, Fingerprint Software, Touchpad, GoogleDesktop, Webcam, maxtor Automated Backup, Trend PCillin, Agea Physics engine, Google Calendar Sync, Battery, Wireless, Global Volume Control. Of course, now that i've scrutinized this list i will probably remove Maxtor and SigmalTel. I still haven't decided about PCillin. On the desktop at home I also have Simplify Mobile media and the Signal Remote Control going on down there.

And here how, firefox quick access is setup:

Google is Google, Orb is for streaming media to the Ipod/Iphone. Remote access is Logmein for getting to my home pc and Last.fm is social networking/music finding which I am only just now giving a try.

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